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Axle problems

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Morning guys,

My 1986 90 currently has a seized rear wheel and lots of vibration under engine load. I am assuming it will be the bearing, but will take it to bits in a bit. My car has a 300tdi, and original 10 spline axles front and rear. I have been wanting to swap the rear for disc braked axle for a while now and was wondering is there a difference in diff ratio between the early 90 and Defender or Disco axles? and also, will a Disco rear axle fit a 90 without modification?



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no ratio change, all 90/110/disco/RR use the same ratio of 3.54:1

disco or RR rear will bolt straight on. if you use a disco rear axle, you need to change the prop flange from your 90's original onto the disco axle & tell your insurance company too.

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Thanks Western, Iv just had the little issue of declaring the list of mods to the insurance company, a whole page of them, so Im sure 1 more won't hurt! I thought the RR rear needed the suspension mounts welding in a different place?...

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