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While everyone's talking about shocks and springs...

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Thinking of changing the shocks and springs on my 110, It has a +2" lift at the mo and I want to go back to standard height ish, (want to get 285 BFGs on) apart from anything else its use has changed and the insurance company always assume I'm a chav when I tell them about modified suspension :D

Its a 110 van, galv chassis, 'HFH style' 'substantial' :ph34r: winch bumper and husky, big heavy brownchurch rack + tent, extra batteries, etc etc, basically its a bit lardy...

I used to use it for my mobile workshop and P&P etc whereas now its more 'overlandy' and will be doing longish camping trips here and abroad etc as well as the odd P&P and laning...

My choices at the mo are...

HD LR genuine springs front and back, or HD 90 rear springs F and 130 Springs rear with or without the helper spring?

I'll be keeping my Ironman shocks for now but when pennies allow I'd like to change them for correct length ones, I was thinking of OEM ones or decent aftermarket like deCarbon?



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Hi Ralph

the 130 and 110 springs are the same on the front nrc9448/9449, interestingly this is the same number as the HD 90 rears, so it looks like the HD 110 fronts are the same spring as the 90 rears. The rear 110HD and 130 are the same spring too!

Thats the first part of my question answered then :lol:

Is it worthwhile fitting the 130 innner helper springs, the nrc6904, nrc6389 are 330lb in, the 130 inners are 140 lb in or will it make the ride too hard?


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Only just seen this.

I have a pair of genuine NRC9448's on the back of the Discovery, which I need to change for some slightly stiffer springs, probably going for HD90 rears (NRC9462). So you can have the NRC9448's for a suitable donation.


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