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winch problems


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my fleabay winch gave up the ghost after a very long pull last weekend. here are the symptonms:

drum doesn't move when trying to power in or out However power is definitely getting there etc (as can here the noise of solenoid clicking)

clutch will move but very stiff

cant pull rope out either.

.....any ideas folks? :huh:

many thanks

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Its a 12,000lb fleabay job. Althought not branded "Winchmax" (and not orange) otherwise it look identical to this (although 12V)........ http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ELECTRIC-WINCH-24V-R...%3A1%7C294%3A50

Solenoid pack has been safely relocated up inside the wing so shouldnt be a problem there.

Winch had been in and out of water all day (as usual) however during the first (and last) pull of the day me vehicle (and therefore the winch) was on dry ground but pulling a dead weight disco through c20m of axle deep mud (therefore very muddy synthetic rope). It kept on pulling as far as I wanted it to but then would reel in next time I pressed it.

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Not a nice way of putting this, but basically you've bought a bag of carp with some bull****e advertising, sorry if that sounds harsh,

but it looks like you've bought a cheap copy of a cheap copy.

It must be covered under some sort of guarantee judging by the wording,

best advice is save up and buy a decent make with a warranty and good spares availiabilty, check out the price of a Warn XP motor or a Bowmotor they cost a lot more than your full winch and its for a reason because they are superior in manafacture and not some cheap Chinese copied rubbish,

even the Albright (style) solonoid is a copy of an Albright, I've seen the quality and they really are carp pal.

Sorry but next time put a post on here and ask advice of lads who have bought winches there are some reasonably priced winches around but don't expect them to perform as well a high spec winch or you will burn them out.

And just because your solonoid is clicking doesn't neccessarly mean power is getting there, it just means that the low current side is working, check the tech threads for how to test a winch motor.

Good luck and I hope you can get an exchange but don't work it to hard.

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