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Cool auto shifter ?

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I've got an auto in my 90. I have the old classic ranger rover shifter. Is it possible to fit something more exciting ? I know the softdash shifter would fit but is there anything else that could go in ? Is it a simply job to nick a T shaped shifter off something American and bolt it on?

- Sorry about the typo in the description. I can't see how to correct it -

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Yes actually Americans are going to put the button on the wrong side aren't they.

I'm thinking something like


T shaped shifter in chrome ( autobox was a pain to fit I want to feel good about changing gear )

Is the range rover one as simple as 2 tubes with the inner one that does the lift to allow gear selection ?

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I've been told that the B&M Megashift can be used with a ZF, not tried it myself though. It's a ratchet shift so as well as giving you a very substantial shifter it has sequential style shifting and quick shift from reverse to drive.

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