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Putting Speakers in the back

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Hi there, i have a TD5 90 (55 reg) Van converted into station wagon, was wondering if anyone had something similar and has put speakers in the back, pics would be great. I want to fit some but i dont want them in the way and the only space i can think of is behind the seats (inward facing) but its pretty small and i doubt i can get 6x9's in. Was thinking maybe 6.5 rounds in an enclosure?

Anyway i went round, the local car stores including halfords (regrettably) and yeah no one seems to want to touch it. Except Carisma Bodyshop (the people that do pimp my ride uk) who want to charge a fortune! I was hoping for a low cost solution fitting wise as all my friends and family have commented on the lack of sound in the back.


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I made a pair of surrounds to go where the genuine ones are meant to go out of MDF and stuck some larger speakers in. They aren't blaring into the passengers' ears nearest the door and are out of the way of items stored lower. Imagine those trims but out of flat MDF, they may not reach fully into the sides of the body but I don't think that is at all obvious to anyone sat in the rear.

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I fitted couple of 6x9 in basic wooden mounts on the upper side pannel just behind the bulkhead (i do not have rear seats). They work OK but lack a bit a bass so I also added a flat, self-powered sub woofer from Halfords/ripspeed (£25 ish) behind the driver's seat. This made a big difference to the sound quality and balance.

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