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electric trouble


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hi all having some problems with my electrics!!!! recently done an engine change to a 200tdi,for some reason the lights are not working checked earths which are good,on my dash there are a neg and pos and when i run i live from the batt to them the light wrk!!!

also if i run the live to the switch the lights wrk!!

ive tride tracing the wires and everything seems ok (no of it was toched during engine change)

under the drivers floor bolted to the chassis sits about 4 relays and 4 fuses which i presume were attached to the v8 starter motor,so when i click the switch for my work light in the back which does not operate but u can here clicking from this box???????

havei done something wrong or missed something out?????

is there any simplified diagram anywhere or has anybody had a similar problem

cheers for your interest luke.....

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It sounds like someone may have wired your lights up through these relays... was there a wire going from the live side of the V8 starter motor to these relays? if so that is what will need to be conected back to +12v for the lights to work

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Ive got an ex NZ army SII 88 with a ford 4.1l straight six in it, its not wired anything like yours, its just from what you described taking out the V8, and the lights not working are probably related, and secondly I know the SIIs dont have any relays there and I dont think the SIIIs do either so yours has had the wiring modified by someone at some stage. I added 2 relays into mine for the lights as well

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