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Body Swapping

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Hi all, would anyone know of the interchangeability of back bodies between early Defenders and current models?

I have been contemplating a new motor for quite a while now. I currently have a 1987 110 CSW with a tidy body, and Witham currently have stock of brand new RHD puma chassis cabs at £12k.

Question is, would the 1987 CSW body be a reasonably straight forward fit onto a 2008/9 chassis cab?

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Yes TD5's and new 300's are available, but if I'm going to spend that sort of money, might as well have a new one!

If it was to be done, I would expect to be rebuilding the body with new door pillars and second row crossmember, spray the panels individually before build up, do the job properly and to last :)

These puma's Witham has are right hand drive, but ROW specification. I'm assuming it's just a paperwork exersize to get them registered here?

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as they are ROW spec, it might not be possible as they might not conform to EU specs for emissions, although one of the LRM contributors has bought a ROW 300Tdi & swapped it from LHD ROW to RHD UK spec & got it UK registered & MOT tested.

I'd be finding out first before handing out 12k of hard earned cash.

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it won't be tested against the new vehicle standard emissions, simply because those standards didn't exist when that engine was new, so they aren't relevant, 300Tdi can only be tested at the standard in force at the time of manufacture.

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