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P38 diesel engine options


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Hi all,

I am the (sometimes) happy owner of a 2.5 P38 Range Rover. It's not been a bad machine (touch wood) and apart from a couple of blend motors and the normal stuff its been fairly reliable.

Without going too much into the detail i'm considering changing the engine for something else - although another diesel without doubt.

My vehicle is a manual, and would like it to stay so. Is anyone aware of any engine conversions available. I have decent workshop and a sound mechanical knowledge but have kept my tinkering to older Land Rover models up till now.

I need to "new" engine to be reliable, fairly powerful but something that will not be massively out of place in a RR

Hope someone has some suggestions



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Yes, did consider the 3.0 Td6 after seeing it in one of the magazines. Problem is that I doubt that it will mate up to the manual box, and would be a real pain to convert everything to auto. My P38 is in good nick and would like to hang on to it.

I did have a thought last night that a Td5 might be the way forward as the engines are of a similar capacity / power?


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I suggest you talk to Jeremy Fearn re converting to a 3.0 option.

I'm pretty certain the basic block, and therefore the flywheel housing / gearbox mounting holes are the same.

I'm also certain this conversion has been done for competition vehicles.

The manual box makes life easier as there is no need to concern yourself with interfacing between auto box and engine electronics.

Jeremy will be able to handle the engine ECU to BECM interface requirements.

The 3.0 could come from a BMW car, it doesn't have to be a L322.

In short, if you are going to DIY convert, this is the no-brainer conversion, but I think Jeremy is the Technical Support you need. You are, of course, ideally placed to have a 38A big intercooler supplied by JJF, plus any fuelling adjustments required to optimise the installation.


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