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Putting in PTO when it ain't been there before...

A Twig

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As it says, is it a difficult process? Would it cost a lot to get someone to do it for me? i.e. are the parts more expensive than any labour costs involved?

Just out of interest out the mo, as I have heard rumours of some cheap PTO stuff available...

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Remove blanking plate and spacer on transfer box

Using spacer that came off, replace it along with PTO. Use blue Hylomar IIRC and then bolt it up. It is important that you use the spacer that you take off your vehicle in the first place as there are some scary differing build tolerances and it might whine.

Take some measurements and drill hole for PTO lever.

Fit lever and fill with oil. If you find a series landie, the red knob will also fit the PTO lever instead of the standard black one.( if you fancy)

Is it a 110 or 90 - if it's a 110 you may have to remove the exhaust hanger and make up a custom one - v easy - just get the bits from Halfrauds!

Hardest bit is holding/supporting the PTO whilst you get bolts in as it is quite heavy and awkward to hold in place.



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A syringe is good to fill it with oil as there isn't much room through the access panel.

If you are fitting a PTO winch have a search on here about rotating the drive to give more ground clearance. (Unless of course you mean a Hydraulic PTO winch...)

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Anyone have photos of Defenders fitted with rear pto's ? I'm interested to see how the pto propshaft is arranged to clear the ''A'' frame assembly and what is done to beef up the flimsy rear crossmember in order to mount the various bits of equipment that Series vehicles were capable of driving.


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