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2005 RRHSE Radio/Nav display inop after battery change


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The battery died this weekend and I had it replaced locally since I was immobilized. Everything seemed OK at first but when I went back to it after a couple of hours the message display said 'air suspension inactive', the radio/nav display was blank and all the buttons inop. After switching off and on again the air suspension message went way to be replaced by a clock readout showing all dashes and still no radio/nav display. Also the nav DVD wouldn't eject :angry:

Took it to the dealer who rebooted a something computer for the princely sum of $109 and now all seems OK. :) The dealer said that the air suspension message can be fixed by turning the wheels lock to lock. Didn't need to do this, went way by itself.

I'd no idea that a dead battery would cause all this trouble. Is this common? Is there a trick to changing the battery?

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