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First Welder


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thing 1: Do a search, this has been covered many many times before - there is even a sticky thread at the top of the tools and fab forum...

thing 2: How much do you plan to spend

thing 3: there is no real right answer - just things to keep in mind when looking for a welder

thing 4: really, do a search, there is a real wealth of knowledge here....



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The trouble with buying a cheap 'easy to use' welder is that they tend to be quite rubbish for the end user. Soon as you get the hang of welding the thing will cut out. It always pays to buy once, but buy good. You should really be looking for at least 170amp in MIG with the provision to use a DIN valve. Gasless welders are not worth a poo in my humble opinion :huh: The higher the amp rating the machine has, the less stress it will be put under so a decednt weld pool can be achieved with minimal trouble.

If you're after a stick welder, I'd keep a look out for an old oil cooled Oxford. I have a tiny 100amp one and it will run for as long as I need it using 3.2mm 6013's.

Pricing wise, a MIG will be a whole lot more expensive but is far more suited for body work and ease of use. Just don't forget to budget for a reasonable welding helmet and gauntlets :D

The above is just my opinion and based on personal experience :blink:

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