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Brakes shoe spring misery, tips?

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Out in the rain today for new rear shoes on an 89 One Ten. Anyone got any tips for getting the arsing top [long red] springs in?

I'm doing the usual trick of assembling the shoes off the drum, but can't get the springs in.

Any attempt to bend the hooks open a bit ends in metal-pinging-eye-poking-thumb stabbing metal shard disaster.

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I splashed out on genuine springs, as the old ones were pretty ropey, and just can't seat the little swines in their little holes. I've tried both methods before of fitting shoes, and either is fine, it's just these :angry2: spring eyes won't go into their little holes in the shoe.

Sod it, I'll use a lump hammer.

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Sorted after much hammering. Dumped the genuine LR springs, and fitted some Britpart ones. Went in easy as pie.

First and only time a Britpart part has made my life in any way easier.

Ground a little of the LR springs hook ends, ready for the spares box.

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