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which leads


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Yet another question, Start the old v8 this morning and it coughed and spluttered till it was warm(first time ive used it in the rain as hasn't rained in the passed 5 days since i got it.).

she has ran a little rough when idling on petrol but not so bad on gas when i first got her.

so guess i need a new set of leads and cap, but which ones?. do i just grab a set at the local motor factors or keep to the originals if so where do i buy them? local landrover dealer or where??.

Have read on here differing veiws as to weather to stick to oem or not.

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Cheers just to clarify that v8 ignition parts should all be lucas parts. if so, that could be the problem as the parts fitted at the moment dont look very old but are cheap motor factor parts



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Ahh Lucas - Prince of Darkness :)

I'd fit genuine ones before looking any further, "they say" that dizzy caps in particular are usually carp unless they come in a genuine box. Mine doesn't have a dizzy so not so much of a problem :)

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Yeah..would have to agree, I had a stalling problem the other week and during my fault finding, I noticed a big crack on my genuine dizzy...popped out to motor factors to get a replacement part (all I could get on low budget and o time) and have to say..it's ran like a bag of nails since :(

Lucky for me, pay day is here so genuine it is!

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