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disco roof material

joe sharpe

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as the title says is it steel or alloy sorry to ask a stupid question but just bought a cb and it will come with a mag mount and need to know if it will stick or will i have to drill roof etc ,also any advive on ariels and fitting ,i plan on mounting it where the interior light is any problems ????

cheers joe.

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We were using VHF sets in Saudi with mag mounts on the roof...range of transmitting was quite poor.

JW drilled a hole in his roof and secured the antenna properly. The difference in transmitting and receiving was much better than mine.

Most casual users seem to get away with a mag mount or gutter mounted antenna...I could never drill a hole in my Discovery roof!

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I could never drill a hole in my Discovery roof!

why would anyone need more holes on the roof anyway? they already let enough water in :) :)

other options for antenna mounts include ones to go on the spare wheel bracket, and there is also a light bar or two with an aerial mount attatched. Failing that, get a mirror mount, and put it around a light bar, or use an old roof rack.

on an astra van i had years ago, i bolted a 4mm thick steel plate across the roof bars, secured with u bolts, and drove around with a 7ft aerial on the roof, as good as drilling into the roof, but easily reomvable without leaving a nasty hole behind.

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