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Discovery 3 alloys


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For various reasons which I won't bore everybody with, I need to source a complete set of Discovery 3 alloys at work. 18in are preferred but 17in would do OK. New prices are stupidly expensive - a grand for a set, give or take.

Are they something that is readily available cheap and second hand as the P38 ones are - people upgrading to larger and blingy-er rims? They don't need to be brand new but reasonably decent. Ebay is no use here and I will fire off a couple of emails to breakers I have used in the past just wanting a quick answer.

Do vehicles sold in the UK normally come with the full size spare or not? I know its an option but just don't know if it is a common one.

Any advice would be appreciated, ta :)

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Hi Bogmonster,

Wheels would be easy to get hold of in the UK, because plenty of people swap them for 20"s; especially on Range Rover Sports and L322s which will fit also. Just be aware that on earlier full size Range Rover's, pre 2006MY, the pitch of the seat was different and therefore the nuts need to be changed also.

UK Spec D3's do not have FSS as standard unless an HSE (top spec), FSS is not commmanly taken up on lesser models.


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Thanks for the info :)

All D3s here have the FSS because anything else is a waste of time on the roads here. I've had a PM offering some for a very reasonable price, though not in A1 condition.

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