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3,9 V8 Can shaft


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Dear All,

I have two 3,9 efi V8's

first one is on 1996 Disco 1 with auto box & 1:22 tc gearing - runnng 255/65/16 road tires - having RP4 cam

second one is on 110 defender, with ltt 77 manual gearbox & 1:22 tc gearing - running 235/85/16 bfg - having standart cam

the only difference I can feel btw those, the disco gets revved a bit more slowly than the defender

I am now looking for a camshaft for my defender other than RP4 which would give me some good low range torque...

any suggestions please???

thanks and regards


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My knowledge of cams:

3.9 standad cam gives good torque at the low range ~@2000Rpm

4.0 cam will give the same troque value but ~@4000Rpm.

I am glad someboyf finally replied :), thanks very much...

actually I am still looking for a after market camshaft which is specifically designed for giving such torque at lower revs...

hence I am still waiting to hear from the other forum members who has some previous experience of such camshafts with respect to its maker and model of such camshafts...

thanks in advance


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You could try the new Real Steel Cyclone cam or the Piper Torquemaster. Both are high torque cams for use in 3.9 - 4.6 engines and can be used with auto boxes with good idle.

The Cyclone gives an extra 27ftlb.

Another cam is the Crower 50229 from V8 Tuner.

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I remember some discussions on the subject on the discoweb.org LR forum in the US. A quick search showed some threads on the subject, including some reports about the above mentioned 50229, so I suggest to have a look and maybe post a question there.

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Hers a few to consider :

Other things to consider are :

General condition of the engine

Rev Limit and type of driving

use of V8 on / off road / towing

Any other mods inc exhaust

FWIW With any performance can I would suggest

ARP Head Bolts / Crank end bolts

Steel Timing Gears and Duplex Chain

fior 3.9 Valvoline VR1 Racing Oil & new filter

NGKBP6RES Plugs if not already fitted

Check and recheck Timing and dizzy is advancing fully







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