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300 tdi injection pump

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I have the usual problem that there are tiny amounts of metal powder building up on cut off solenoid.

So far I was sure that that means that there is something wrong in the injection pump and it will need replacement at some stage.

Now I had a second look and I'm not so sure anymore.

Here is the question: Does the fuel pass through the pump before getting to the cut off solenoid or does the fuel first have to pass the solenoid before getting into the pump?

If the second is the case, the metal cannot possibly come from the pump. (or what??)

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Well, it's on the inside. How else should it be in contact with the diesel?

As usual it's building up at the coil (magnetic) and blocking the plunger from moving and hence shutting off the engine.

I just wondered if the diesel first have to pass through the entire injection pump gears before passing the solenoid or if its fresh from the tank when it's passing the solenoid.

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