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Engine Cutting Out

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Just over a year ago my 300 tdi started occasionally "missing a beat" particularly when under load or going uphill.

Over time this developed into the engine cutting out for a few seconds. On one particular journey it was cutting out and restarting every few seconds - on off on off on off ad infinitum, until it suddenly cleared never to return...

...until Tuesday that is! :angry::(

The first time, the engine cut out for 20 seconds or so, I moved over to the hard should and stuck the hazards on whilst keeping the throttle depressed slightly. Just as I was about to give up hope the engine restarted, only for the same problem to repeat itself several more times before I reached home.

I think the problem is fuel related either muck in the tank or lift pump or somewhere in the fuel system, the question is where to start??

Any suggestions gratefully received!


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The original alarm has never worked since I owned the Defender, Ralph. Last year (some months after the problem started) I got around to removing the alarm and although I isolated the wiring I did not remove it. Whereabouts on a Defender is the alarm spider? I have done some electrical stuff on my Defender and have not come across it (or maybe not noticed it!).

I will have a look at the stop solenoid.

It is certainly possible that a fuel pipe somewhere has an air leak, but the tank did come out when Les changed the rear x member.

Thanks for your input everyone!


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