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Series 1 brake convert to 3/16, which master cylinder


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I'm converting the brakes on my S1 80 as I rebuild it. I am using 3/16 pipe and suitable cylinders, and have purchased a non-servo master cylinder for a series 3. This cylinder uses 2 sizes of brake pipe, 1/4 for the brake system and 3/16 for the reservoir, which I didnt expect, I thought it used 3/16 through out.

Is there a master cylinder that uses 3/16 pipe for both, or can I get an inline adapter to convert the pipe size? I've done a search via google, not really come up with anything.

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If you are still on the 10" brakes you want a S2-2a clutch master/SWB brake master, that is for 3/16" pipe on both ports.

Thanhs for the replies, the cylinder I have is, I'm pretty sure the one you refer to, L/R part no 90569126, but it has different size ports.

That said, if the end furthest away from the the push rod end is the resevoir, then I can use it. The old one off the S1 had the resevoir connected to the port in the middle of the cylinder, and I thought that the newer one would work the same way, I dont have a manual for a series II/III landy to check.

However, i'm told that I could get a suitable adapter from a scuba diving shop, the UNF threads are used in diving kit, should I need to.

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