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Hydraulic press accessorys


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We are currently rebuilding our 80t hydraulic press and we are currently getting quotes etc for a new ram. The old ram just used the end as the press, ie no adaptors etc.

I fancy having the rod bored out at the end, something like a 40mm hole and say 50mm deep. This hole would provide location for dies etc which you can press in and the tighten a grub screw through the rod to stop it dropping out

For a press of this size and the jobs it will do the dies will need to be made from tough stuff/hardened. Does anybody know of something that uses a similar set up so that i could just buy the dies etc? I know they could be made easily, but its easier to buy a range.

I believe this is a similar set up to a norton fly press, but a lot bigger and heavier duty

Any help appreciated



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You should really leave the ram alone and have the adaptors fit 'over' the ram instead. Would be much easier and cost a whole lot less than having the ram machined.

Our old press at work '60t babcock' has a small grove machined in the ram, this then acts as location for the adaptor when the adaptor bolt is tightened. If you had adaptors made I'd try and use a brass bolt to hold it on the ram.

Hope this makes sense, it's been a long day ;)

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