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TD5 Clutch change


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My trip to see Ian at IRB Developments (Porny) has left me with mixed feelings as whilst it has put a smile on my face (having a Disco that goes better ) it has highlighted a problem that I think has been brewing for some time... My clutch is slipping under load in 3rd, 4th and 5th gears when accelerating hard. And it's also juddering when taking up drive from a standstill (it's been doing this for a few weeks :blush: ).

Now, I've had a read round several forums (fora? fori?) to find out as much as possible, but can't lay my hands on anything definite...

If I am replacing the clutch, do I need to replace the dual mass flywheel too? I figure that as I am in there, I might as well, but it's a lot of money to spend with a holiday on the way... I have read, both here and elsewhere, that the DMF can crack and fail or wobble itself to death, but there are no noises... Don't get me wrong. If it needs doing, it'll get done, I just need to be prepared with a bit of foam for my jaw to hit when I get the bill...

It can't be left! I'm off to Ireland in a couple of weeks and don't want to start the travelling with a known problem, let alone pay 'emergency' rates at a garage I don't know in a 'foreign' country when the inevitable happens...

If I decide (more than likely due to a list of things to do before my holiday) to take it to a LR specialist, what sort of time is involved for an 'expert'? Just so I know what sort of cost is involved... First Four state £550 (plus DMF if needed) for a clutch change... Is this reasonable as a plain clutch from the likes of Paddocks is £50 plus VAT??



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Clutch kit is more like £80+ for a good one, I would also change the spigot bearing (£1) and the clutch arm (£10) there is a lot of labour involved so perso don't think £500 snakes is too bad!

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