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Electric Winch question...

McS Junior

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Hi all,

I'm carp when it comes to electrics so excuse me if this is blatantly obvious to some of you.

I may have made a slight mistake here (apart from buying an electric winch in the first place - hydraulic all the way :P ), perhaps you lot can tell me...

Can I run a 12v winch on a vehicle with 24v electrics? If so, what are the effects likely to be?


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Depends on the winch motor.

12V Warn motors don't like 24V across them. 12V Bowmotors cope much better. Results in a plenty quick winch!

Don't let the motor over speed though (running under no load or lowering out) as that will kill any of them.

According to David Bowyer, the TDS motors are OK with 24V too. (But they are Bowmotor copies!!).

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Ross, what winch will it be on? Is it the Husky or something else?

The reason I ask is there are issues with the Husky that it can overcome the resistance of the worm drivewhen lowering down a slope if you put too powerful a motor on them. Result: one burnt out motor and some soiled underwear :o

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