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disco rear (boot) door woes

disco tony

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Hi all, in Wales at the mo, did Strata today, (another story), but back at campsite, I cant open the boot door. One of the kids unlocked it with a key earlier now it wont open by key or fob. Central locking is working but door seems to have gone out of sync. (handle inside or out wont operate mechanism). Is there a trick to this as swmbo will want to get out soon!! On a dongled laptop so help urgent please!!!


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thanks Darren, havent tried battery trick as its a bit late now. Dont think its handle as it wont open from inside either. Seems like mechanism then?

If the exterior handle is stuck the internal one doesn't work either IIRC

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disco handles are renound for getting stuck,

if so WD 40 and a screwdriver frees it up, then keep working it till it works smooth again



i second this,had the same problem...pry out the badge,good skoosh of wd,then work the handle...jobs a good 'un!

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