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Now I have fitted a winch was wondering where to put the isolator switch

doesnt seem to be a lot of room anywhere

what have you guys done ?


my isolator looks like this - i ahve no clue how to attach it to anything - the bottom nuts are for the live cables but do i need to drill a big old hole for it to sit in ?


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What are you trying to isolate and where do you expect to be when you operate it ?

If it's for your general vehicle electrics then having it somewhere inside the cab where both driver and passanger can reach it with their seatbelts on is normal.

If you are anticipating isolating the winch with it then you need to look very carefully at the specs for both the winch and the switch. Those switches are normally rated at around 100A continuous. If your winch is likely to pull more than that (which most will) then you'll need a higher rated switch. Given those switches aren't waterproof either you don't want to mount it in the engine bay if you can help it.

To mount it you need to drill a hole big enough for the key hole "tube" to go through, the body of the switch is designed to go underneath the panel it's mounted on, if that makes sense.

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None of the cables or switches commonly seen on 4x4s are capable of a 100% duty cycle (constant use). That isolator may only be rated at 100amps at 100%, but you never use winches for very long periods of time at full load.

For example a typical winch may draw 420 amps at full load and is supplied with 35mm2 cables


And 35mm2 cables can only handle 410 amps at a 30% duty cycle


Makeing the wiring system handle 100% duty would not be practical. The isolator may well be suitable for what the winch is likel to do though use it hard for long periods of time whithout resting and there will be a risk of melting it.

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100amp version lasted for nearly 10 years so you should be OK.


you can upgrade the isolator to this one my Heavy duty battery isolator.

Phenolic moulding with steel fixing plate

and removable key. 10mm studs.

250A @ 24V, 2500A for 5 secs.

Ref 60550. £26.50

from Vehicle Wiring Products


got mine from my local auto electrical dealer

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thanx for the the help I have it all fitted now

however in the instructions it doesnt mention fitting an inline fuse anywhere

after I put it all together I have realised there is no fuse between the battery and winch

I assume it should really be fused

any idea what the fuse should be rated at ?

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