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Battery going flat.

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My nearly new battery has taken to going flat if left for 2 or 3 days. When I say flat, I mean just not quite enough charge to turn over engine- indicators, wipers etc. are fine. The only thing that has changed is that I have parked it facing downhill, no new accesories or anything. Seems to think its January again, wonder what is causing it to discharge? Any ideas would be great,battery has been fine for approx. 9 months, cheers.

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Remove the earth lead from the battery and put a multimeter between the end of the earth lead and the battery terminal. With the meter set on volts DC this should show up any draw on the battery.

If there is a draw, then remove one fuse at a time from the fusebox, watching the meter at the same time.

If you remove a fuse and the draw drops, then you've found the circuit the draw is in.

Also, set the meter on continuity (better if it has a beeper), and place between battery earth and chassis, bulkhead, engine, gearbox, to check for a good earth path.

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Hi there,

You defo have a drain on the battery! Whilst you have the meter out, and with the battery disconected. Turn the multimeter to the setting that you get an audible beep when you touch the probes together (cant rember what it is actually called!!) What you are checking now is continuity.

Put the red probe on the back of the starter where the main supply bolts on, and the black probe to earth. Does it beep? if so the starte is knackered and draining the battery.

Do the same with alternator and see what you get. You do not say whay engine you have but if it is petrol check the coil pack etc.

Bear in mind though that it takes about a twenty minute drive to put enough into the battery from just starting it. putting the radio on etc wont help!

Hope this does



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If the only thing you're doing different is parking downhill, then there must

be a wire or something thats moves forward to make a connection of sorts,

to drain your battery. Try parking uphill, see what happens.

Not scientific, and it won't find the problem as the other guys have suggested,

but it might indicate something !!

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