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oil leak...AGAIN!!

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Hello, as i have mentioned before i have changed the timing case on my 200tdi 90 from a disco one to a defender (because i drowned the original engine etc etc..) when i got it running again i noticed it was leaking oil from inside the timing case so i took the front cover off to find that the oil was coming from the center of the belt tensioner, so i then took the timing case off again and i noticed a small circular gasket around the hole in the block, also noticed that there was another hole below it and the gasket was around the hole that tensioner bolt didnt go in so i then assumed that one hole was for the disco case the other for a defender.

Got a new gasket put it round the hole that was being used i also put rtv sealant around the gasket and other hole to make sure, threw it all back together got it running and GREAT! its wasnt leaking accept now when i come back from driving it for a few miles i park up and for 5 mins or so it leaks from the case untill it cools down again, i suppose its because the oil is thinner when its warm so it leaks through small gaps.

does anyone have any ideas??


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