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Our venerable Nokia 6310i mobiles are doing the usual dying trick after a couple of years hard work. We each have a Nokia car kit that is not compatible with any of the new fangled handsets.

I know I can convert the car kit to accept some Nokia phones for about £40 but that will probably leave me in the same position in 2 years time as I am now.

What I am investigating is getting a bluetooth car kit that is not handset dependant and not a load of money either ( I drive a V8 ;) ) I have found some readsonably priced items HERE but haven't a clue as to the pros and cons of any of them or which are good and which aren't etc.

Do any of you worldly wise folks have any experience of this kind of thing that you'd like to share...? :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance......

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ME, Me, ME !!!! :)

I got a blue tooth thingy, they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kewel! B)

You stick the thingy in yer lug hole, and it automatically connects to your mobile phone when you turn it on. When you get a call, you poke yourself in the ear, and the call gets answered. When you want to end the call you poke yourself in the ear again! How kewel is that? Everyone else thinks you are a tea cup short of a crockery set as you appear to be talking to yourself, but in actual fact you are at the cutting edge of mobile technology. When I go round the chippy or whatever, I poke myself in the ear quite often, just to make the local yoofs jealous, and to make people think I'm either a bit potty, or very popular. The downside is that I think I mght have damaged my hearing through mutiple ear-pokes, but what the heck, I look a cool mutha strutting around the hood.


I'm as bad as you can get. B)

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Yes, best if you poke the ear with the bluetooth thingy in it.

Got one of them for the laptop. Trouble is it never seems to be charged up when I want to use it. Guess I could just poke myself in the ear anyway and whisle.

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just a jabba (sp?) unit but when its working its great for ip based video conferencing and it avoids the feedback when using the laptops own mic/speakers.

Now if only I had a bluetooth phone as well

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In my Defender I've got a Nokia CK-7W Bluetooth car kit, with the added pop in port and antenna for a nokia 6230.

Most of the time I use just the bluetooth connection and leave the phone in my pocket. Just press the button on the dash to answer the phone. Sound quality is very good even with a 300TDi up front. As soon as I turn on the ignition it connects & disconnects when I turn it off.

I only use the pop in port to charge my phone.If I change my phone I can buy a replacement pop in port for about £20.

The only thing is Nokia have change the power plug on the new car kits to a four-way plug instead of the 6 way on the cark-91, so it's not a straight swop, but you can buy an addaptor lead.

Well worth the money, Ive just fitted a second unit to my works van.

I've also fitted the Sony Ericsson HBC-300 kit, thats also a very good kit.

Hope this helps


1996 Defender 90

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Another one with a Nokia CK-7W here, I've got it in my ... um... Mini Cooper ... and it works well. It's wired into the stereo to auto mute and play the callers voice through the car speakers.

If you're happy to fit an external speaker for the car kit rather than wire through the stereo I've a Nokia CK-1W spare. (Two actually :blink: )

Basic story is, the CK-1W is bluetooth only, the CK-7W also has the ability to use a wired connection. For some reason the software in the CK-1W doesn't like outputting through a car stereo but is fine on an external speaker.

Anyway, I've got one new in the box and one used for a week but boxed. They were originally bought for mine and the missus' cars but I've replaced them with CK-7W's.

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I too have the Nokia CK-7W in my Freelander after giving up on the bluetooth headset in the car. Usually found the headset not charges.

Also I do not have the Nokia handset I have a XDA phone which works well in the car. Other thing I found with the headset was I could not hear with it over a certain speed usually around 60-70mph.

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