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B@@@@y Scrapiron


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My handbrake - that is!

Had a chat with a representative from one of the mags who was going to write a review of it - who says they are reviewing a new one from Scrapiron instead! - and it's due for launch in two weeks.

Although it was inevitable, it does show what a liar Colin is. He went on about how despicable it is when someone (he quoted Padocks as being the main culpret) copies a good idea.

Don't know what I can do about it - not much I guess. Just hope I bump in to him in a dark alley one day! (for a nice hoppey skippy jumpy friendly chat)

Never know, maybe it will prove to be as good as their rear trailing arms :) !


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Didn't take long, is it orange? :rolleyes:

Simon have a chat with Jez you should start marketing his cranked rear arms under the X-Eng banner, X-arms? ;)

Sorry to hear that! Very Poor Indeed Simon!!

Pitty it wasnt patented I hope he doesnt go for a patent otherwise you'll be stuffed

I for one will continue to buy from you!

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Don't worry to much Simon, I know its not a good thing but atleast you know this...

1. Yours are superior quality.

2. Yours aren't overpriced.

3. I am sure, even though I have never spoken to you, that your customer service is a thousand times better than Scrapiron.


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Just out of interest what sort of mark up do scorpion make on products. As i know he was selling the X eng hand brakes and wondered what he had them retailing at. I bet you for the extra price brought from scorpion you wouldn't get the same sort of after service that you get from Simon. When i have the money or hand brake needa attention i will definately buy from Simon.

I doubt scorpion give free gifts either other than stickers.


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I think that is just plain nasty, all about money and nothing about honesty or decency

But what do you expect from a company as disgracefull in its ethics as Scrapion ?

I have had the misfortune to meet the "short a&re" (but big) "attitude" litle Sh&t, .......

......and everything I had heard about him was confirmed as true, and I was truly "Underwelmed" by the experience.

Probably why he and the company has such an appalling reputation within the 4x4 world, apart from a few "PR Mates" who think the sun shines out of his "economy height ar$e"..

Perhaps you should change your advert Simon so it says

"X Eng..... the genuine original not a nasty orange copy ?" :angry:


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At the end of the day, I hope you can take some consolation from the amount of support that has been shown on here rapid style. However, it does not compensate for the potential loss of earnings and you have my sympathy too.

As also reflected by many others above, I too am a very happy customer who will "buy again" from X-Eng due to the quality and assistance :D

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Don't let it get you down.

Simon, I don't know you but I can assure you that your reputation is growing by word of mouth and good experience, whilst at the same time you wouldn't need to book a very large hall for the scrapiron satisfied customers annual bash.

All the best

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Hi Simon

Sorry to hear that m8............

Unfortunately, Colin seems to have gone to the same school of company ethics as Eddie, whose company reptile lives on an island.....

these guys seem to operate with a short sightedness that bewilders me :blink:

at least we have these forums to spread the news of the exceptional companies, and the less reputable.

We of LR4x4, all know how good your products and service are Simon and I for one will continue to spread the word :)

As annoying as it is as the moment, try to use that energy inside of you to further your company and show these others, how ever big they are, how it should be done.

Keep up your good work Si, it's exceptional :)

Kindest Regards with the utmost respect, gary B)

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Si - take some comfort in the fact they will be crappy copies, will fail when they encounter anything remotely nasty and you will still get the discerning punters heading your way.

If anyones remotely curious I have X brakes on the swamp buggies and wouldnt fit anything else

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To be honest, that's business.

You wouldn't be able to patent it, a slight deviation would be a whole new product.

All that said, I wouldn't buy from ScrapIron, having tried in the past, and not being contacted again by them.

Then there is the parts I've seen used and failed.

I would much sooner use a smaller company who are in touch with the people it supplies to.

Whilst your reputation grows, ScrapIrons continues to diminish, the only thing they have going for them is the sad-bling-crowd.

Best of luck, and don't forget my discount when i can afford one :lol::blink:



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Sorry to hear that Simon, But it doesn't surprise me, having tried to deal with ScrapIron in the past, and failed horribly, I will not ever deal with them ever in the future, also i think their (Colin's) ethics are so very low. perhaps you should email Equipe and let them know you've suffered as well as them, or maybe email LRS and see if they'd like to stock Original X-Eng disk hand brakes.


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I have bought from Scrapiron in the past, and thats the way it will stay...in the past. I detest this kind of behaviour. I have a couple of Scrapiron stickers on my truck...they will removed as soon as I get home!

Long live small business and X-eng! Do you do any stickers I can replace my Scrapiron ones?...willing to pay.

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Thanks All!

John_T - PM me your address - and I'll stick some in the post! Would you like small (5"x5") or big (10" x 10")?

Mog - I would like to use your graphic if that's OK!

I looked at patenting - but as has been stated, you barely need to change anything to avoid infringement (Pull Pal being a good example - they hold a patent, tried to defend it in court and lost).

European community registered designs are possibly a better way to go - and one is in progress for something else which could be as popular as waffles, but would be everso easy to copy. I registered X-Eng as a trade-mark as well.

A little bird told me that Scrapiron are in financial difficulty at the moment. Don't know if it's true - but perhaps they will dissappear on their own!


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Sorry to hear about this underhand but typical Scrapiron tactic.

I remember you saying that SR had approached your caliper manufacturer to make for them.

Is it possible in future through a contract, to restrict your suppliers when making bespoke items for you from making for others.

At least this way plagirists have to pick up their own development costs rather than piggy backing on your expertise.

I agree that it would be worth clearly using the words "original" and or "designed by" XEng or even "genuine" which is a familiar expression amongst the LR fraternity, in all literature and sales promotion media.

Also speak to the editorial departments of the magazines and insist that they give you credit for the original design when writing up the SR new product editorial, suggesting that there is an infringement of copywrite and that the SR version is a copy.

They won't want to spend £000 checking with the lawyers and may decide not to give the SR version any profile.


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Just hope I bump in to him in a dark alley one day

Now that is something I would pay good money to see!!!! How about 3 rounds in the ring ant Billing....? :blink::unsure:

As for your products Simon, as an engineer I fully appreciate the thought, effort and skill that you have put in to all your products - even down to the seemingly simple half shaft extractor. Who else would have thought of using the storage tube as the guide too? A real sign of a craftsman at work.

Keep your chin up and let us know when the Si vs Colin match is on :lol::lol::lol:

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