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5+ inch lift kits

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where can i get a 5 inch lift kit for my defender 90 200tdi

what web sites are there

whats the biggest lift kit you can buy (just want to know)

the problem is that i cant get up this hill thing in my fields and i want to

i know it will make the handling on the road worse but is it that bad


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Guest noggy

5inch lift wont help your hill climbing ability... look into more power and better tyres. after this

if its really that bad that your boggers/simex (two of the most extreme tyres) just dig holes in the ground, then you need to look into a ground anchor and winch. if thats not really what your wanting to do. BUY A TRACTOR.

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if your really having that much hassle then as above tyres and air lockers are the way forward. that said in the dry with 2nd gear low range with diff lock on should get you up most hills even with an average tyre..

also you wont get 5" of extra lift, what you get is 5" more travel ie droop, most lift kits give 2 or 3 inches of lift depending on what springs you buy. it wont raise the axle hight either and dont forget the diffs etc will still lack clearance if thats whats snagging at the moment, bigger tyres will lift the axle height if thats what you need...

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