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exhaust discovery 300tdi


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I was wondering if the exhaust-system between disco 200-300 and RRC 200-300 (manual and automatic) are compatible?

Or are they all different?

I think Disco 200 and RRC 200 =

Disco 300 and RRC 300 =

Manual- automatic????



My exhaust is f=ck$d (disco 300 automatic from 1998)

I found exhaust for 10€ comming from a disco 300 manuel from 1995...



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No difference between manual and automatics.

It's only the Discovery 300tdi versions the ones you can fit (no RRC or 200tdi versions).

Thanks for your answer,

Is there a difference between early 300 (94-95) and later 300 (96-98)?

As the RRC is on the same chassis as a Disco, wouldn't the exhaust from a disco 300 fit a RRC 300 softdash (same engine same chassis)?

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"Early 300" means the non cat version, whereas "later 300" means the cat version. IIRC the difference between them was about 1 inch in lenght. They were both a one piece affair (center silencer, connecting pipe and rear silencer were in 1 piece). Now the exhaust pipes are common for both cat and non cat versions(ESR2391) but the assembly comes in 2 pieces, center silencer is one part and pipe + rear silencer is another part. You can adjust the length to suit, there is a couple of inches to play with.

As for 300tdi RRCs, I remember something about the exhaust hangers beeing a bit different, not exactly sure. Anyway, the LR part #s are different.

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