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How is this for a riddle

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About 2 months ago, some funny clonking noise started. It was audiable when breaking, turning to the left. sometines stopping against an obstacle, sometimes pulling away. Sometines when there is axile movement into holes, but not every time. Very unpredictable.

Immediatly blamed the bushes, replaced all the bushes on the trailing arm, and Aframe. Had a look at hte ball joint on the Aframe, seem to be good.

No fuss or noise after this....... untill

Two weeks later, noise is back. Very slightly, gradually becoming more. Was particularly bad after a very nasty pieve of Africa dirt road, sewn with massive potholes. Suspected something loosened up. REtorqued all bolts&nuts (All torque to spec of the manuel). All the bolts&nuts still on torque.

Noise gone, ..............untill

Again about 2-4weeks later.

Suspect sometthing lese. Tried an experiment

What I did was lift the whole rear end so that the rear axile was freely suspended. Only for about 5-10 seconds. Lowered and hey presto. Noise gone again.

What on earth could it be? Coil? something else?

Planning an overland trip in June, would like some closure before then that it isnt serious

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Just as an experiment, try lubricating (with a squirt oil can) the ends of the coil springs where they seat.

On some cars the coils can twist under heavy deflection and cause a 'funny noise'.

It's simple and cheap to try.


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