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Loosing a bit of water


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my 200tdi isloosing a bit of water from time to time. nothing much , i suspect maybe water pump leak or pipe somewhere cant locate it thou.

looses say half a header tank over 300 miles

Are there any comon places they leak.

disco done 100k now and going in for a cambelt and waterpump change soon as a routine service.

any known places to check woudl be great.

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If it leaks in the engine compartment you should be able to detect the coolant smell when you lift the bonnet after a good drive (engine up to op temp). Same thing if there's a leak in the passenger compartment due to a leaky matrix.

With no smell and after a careful inspection of all components of the cooling system (radiator, hoses etc), the only places coolant can disappear is trough the exhaust pipe or in the engine sump through a cracked/duffed head gasket/cylinder head/engine block.

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