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Fuel tank fitting problem

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I know when I replaced my fuel tank (pattern part) the lip where the two bowls are joined together was larger than previous making the whole tank slightly wider and so I had to remove the door sill body trim and also the strip that ties in the bulkhead and rear tub. I was a pain, but I eventually got it to fit!


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I also had similar issues with an enlarged lip recently whist fitting a 90 tank in my hybrid. The solution - get the grinder out and trim a bit off the chassis side of the lip, but being careful not not go into the crimped area that makes the seal. Then 'persuade' it in with a swift boot.

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Same here - I fitted a fuel tank to a 90 and the lip was quite a bit wider than the old one, which stopped it going in (they are swines at the best of times). I took an angle grinder to it - you can see the roll weld, so just stay outside of it.


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just fitted a new tank a couple of weeks ago -biggest job was cutting old seized bolts off!

The new tank caught on the radius arm chassis bracket - a bit of a boot an it slid straight in B)

just lucky I guess.


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when i replaced the tank on my 90 i dont actually know how i got it out.

no matter which way i twisted the thing i couldnt get it out. So i got in a strop and grabbed hold of it from underneath and ragged it up and down and all about in a complete rage.

It then fell on me. :angry:

tried for about an hour to get the new one in and it just wouldnt go no matter how i twisted and turned.

So again i got into a complete and utter childish tantrum-like blind fury rage and shoved and pushed and ragged it about with the intention of then pulling it out and beating it to death with a sledgehammer. Then in it popped with complete ease without me even realising it. No idea how though.

5 minutes later i started smoking again. NEVER try to do awkward jobs on a landrover in the first 2 weeks of giving up smoking. My blood pressure must have been through the roof. :ph34r:

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Having spent hours and hours removing my fuek tank I now have a new one from Tim Fry landrovers. It won't go in though. Keep gettin git to within about an inch, but no luck.

It's a 1990 Defender 90 Diesel. Any ideas?

I had to remove the side sill, and the inner channel to get mine out, very tight fit. Had to shear/cut every bolt on my project 97 Def 90.

It looked to me as if 'they' put the body on after the tank.

It gave me the chance to make a realy nice job of it, with all new stainless nuts, bolts, and washers, everything in lashings of Waxoil, and 'galvy' rocksliders.

I wasn't pleased at first though.


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