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One loop or two?

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I am currently building a front winch bumper and cannot make up my mind whether or not I need one or two front recovery loops. I have fitted one so far, it happens to be in line with the passenger side chassis rail (will be good for most winch challenges as punches are on the near side.)

I will be doing winch challenges, but do bear in mind this is a station wagon so I won't be going totally nuts like the trayback crowd.

So, what is the opinion of the panel? I can fit a second one to the other chassis leg but it is a bit of a faff in the bumper I have designed....

One loop or two?

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Bish the line will squeeze down under itself on hard pulls even without overrun... it is a sod to get back out again. My winch bitch normally resorts to wrapping it around the a bar a number of times to capstan it on and then winching in/out to release the trapped cable- same principle as using a recovery loop to lock the line around.

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