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Clackety Engine Noise

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Hello chaps (and ladies), a quick query.

My Defender has always done this, but I've only just thought to myself whether it's a bad sign. At a specific rev range it makes a very audible clackety sound from the engine area. It sometimes does it at idle when cold, but once warmed up it does it at a level just above idle.

I have recorded a video (badly) to try and show what I mean. You can just about make out the clackety sound over the normal noisy old engine:


The noise appears to come from the right-hand side (turbo side) of the engine, but I know sounds can travel in strange ways in engine bays and mis-lead you. It's quite audible under the vehicle too, not so much from inside with doors/windows closed.

For reference, it's a 1992 200Tdi which has covered 143,000 miles. As I say, it has always done this. It doesn't seem to be down on power or smoking excessively, and I haven't noticed any oil leaks other than the tiny bit that seeps from the bottom of the engine over time.

Anyone have any ideas as to whether this points to some sort of problem, internal engine wear etc? For all I know it could just be the downpipe vibrating or something, but I thought I'd ask the collective experience of the forum too.

Many thanks

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Hey, great idea on the video. The 110 we just bought makes a lot more noise than that. I know some is the AC compressor, but it shakes like crazy. I already tightened the radiator mounts...but it still does the mambo big time.

Yours sounds pretty good to me.

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sounds more like something ratling rather than engine trouble. I had a sort of similar noise on my 90 which i eventually traced to the handbrake cable rubbing on the pannel under the middle seat fixed with a cable tie. i would sugest getting an assistant to hold the revs at when the noise can be heard then have a look under the truck for anything touching.



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Thanks for the advice guys, listening to it again today while waiting for muddy water to evaporate off the radiator (:D) it seemed to be coming from either the turbo or the exhaust downpipe area.

I will get an assistant to help me "diagnose" further when I go greenlaning again this weekend :)

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Ralph you beauty! It wasn't the heatshield, but while probing for it I found the issue. The exhaust clamp on the top of the downpipe was loose. Tightened it up and it's good as gold :D

Just uploading some videos to YouTube to illustrate the problem for others to see.

Thank you to all who offered suggestions :)

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The prospect of removing the downpipe in order to fit a new clamp isn't one I wish to entertain lightly...although it may be possible to just move it down a bit if there's enough flex in the lower part of the system. There are a couple of holes/cracked flange welds in the exhaust system anyway :(

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