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Switches in a chellenge vehicle


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I purchased the switches (carling ones to match the ARB locker ones) for my D-Lander a long time ago, and have now lost the list and forgotten what they were all for.

What do you guys have switched from your dashboard/centre console in your trucks (excluding standard headlights/wipers/indicators as they are on stalks)

So far ive got:

Front locker (on/off)

Rear Locker (on/off)

Compressor (on/off)

Front Winch (mom-off-mom)

Rear Winch (mom-off-mom)

N/S Window (mom-off-mom)

O/S Window (mom-off-mom)

Engine Fan (on-off-on)

Auxillary Lights (on-off-on)

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ATF cooler fan?

(and I know you said it is on the stalk but).....switch to do wash/wipe on-off. Very handy if you going thru muddy water for a prolonged period, so you are free to do other things.....like steer :D

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I have a master winch switch (on-off carling) between the front and rear switch, this enables/disables both the front and rear internal switches and also the external push button switches. It also powers up the winch isolators (albright single contact) so with that switch turned off the winches are completely isolated.

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My advise would be to have as few as possible. Most the trucks you see with lots of switches are for wannabe helicopter pilots. Wire the winch's ignition conscious or just remember to turn off the isolator and put fans etc on a temp switch as you will almost certainly forget them at some point. Having an extra override fan switch seems pointless, (If there's a fault in the system just bridge the relay to get you home). The more there is the more potential for problems exists and you really don't need them.

I have an isolator for the compressor, Front locker, rear locker, Front/rear/ctr winch and a free spool. Simple but adequate

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