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Tools req to fit timing belt to 200 tdi.


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a 13mm socket, a 10mm socket, a 10mm spanner, a 13mm spanner, a 9.5mm drill bit to use as a pump pin, and a 30mm impact socket for removing the flywheel, can you tell i've just done this :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

all the best,


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I could not get hold of a deflection torque wrench anywhere, in the end I had to use a DIY method as follows,

From memory the fig for setting the belt tension was 16ft lbs new belt, so I used a spring balance with a scale in lbs the type fishermen use, you can check it for acurisy by weighing a bag of sand that you tested the weight on a bathroom scale digital if poss, then weigh the bag with the spring balance and see if its the same, the way I did it, Get a 1/2in T-bar with a handle over 12" long or make it over 12" inch long with a tube ext, fit a loop on the bar at 12" from the ctr of the 1/2 square and hook the spring balance on to it at the 12" loop I used 2 cable ties, with the tool on the belt tensioner and with a 90deg pull of 16ft lbs you should get the same result as doing it with a torque wrench set to 16ft lbs.


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