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No dash lights at all indicates a power issue surely?

The immobiliser doesnt cut power to the dash etc, so even if it was an immo issue they dash would still light up like normal.

Check the earths and battery condition.

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No idea Ralph but i can assure you that fuse box is under the drivers seat with the ECU.

got it sussed now, it's only called the engine compartment fuse box but actually lives under the drivers seat, what a dumb idea.

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you have a direct feed coming up from the main fuse box which in turn powers up your ignition,dash lights and bulkhead fuse box, which then after the ecu fuse ( located on bulkhead fuses ) powers the ecu up

are you getting a fuel pump ??

have you checked the main relay situated under the drivers seat ?

if its immobalised you will have dash lights but it wont crank, or some will crank but not fire


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getting somewhere now,seems the ignition lock assy is u/s,key feels sloppy,even the unused spare,managed to get dash lights by moving key around slowly,not good when truck has only done 30k miles! but it is an 03 truck.have a feeling ign is same as 300 tdi,can any one confirm please,chris.

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