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300tdi weird brake problem

Guy H

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ok, on my way back from Belgium last weekend we had to stop on the motorway due to the terrible smell of burning friction material, and the small matter of the smoke and small fire inside the n/s wheel arch (safely extinguished with a bottle of water :) ) Following a trip home on the back of an RAC truck I went to work.

Presuming the caliper had seized I ripped it apart and changed all the seals and pistons bolted it back on, new pads and ............ blinking thing did it again !!!!!

Now I have worked out what's happening - the pressure is not being let go from the n/s caliper after braking. It releases from the o/s front and the backs are fine, just the n/s front. If I undi the bleed nipple and release teh pressure, I can spin the disc again.

SO wtf is going on ....... pressure reducing valve??? that seems to be the only thing that the one brake is connected to by itself - the master cylinder works both fronts so it shouldn't be that 'pumping up'

Anyone else come across this before? is the PRV cleanable/rebuildable?

it's a '98 300tdi with the 5 line PRV


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sounds like an internal collapse of one of the flexible hoses to me. as you are braking, the fluid is being forced under pressure into the caliper, past the restriction, when you let go of the brakes, the restriction closes back up, causing the caliper to bind, until the pressure eventually releases itself back. change the flexi hoses first.

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IIRC 200's had twin line brakes and 300's have got single line

yes, I was hoping the fittings would be the same then I would have 4 to choose from - but no :(

just off to go and get one now


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