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Fitting an Oil Cooler - Tech Qs

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Hi All

I have obtained a few Oil coolers FOC and a Means of adapting the engine filter too :)

need to work out which one to use and where to put but..........

Trouble is they have steel looking pipework, and werid bends all of which mean some 'DIY fitting' needed.

So, Qs are

I know I can buy 1/2 Oil Hose, if I saw the oil steel pipes and connect they are going to leak,

so I need a flange :moglite: - no not that sort - Flange as in a oil leak free flange a la brake pipes etc so

when the oil hose goes over and a jubillee clip is dogged up tight no leaky. ????????

So, the std pipes look around 1/2 inch, how could these be sawn off after say a few inches

from the screw together BSP type fitting and coonected to Rubber Oil GHose with leak free guarnatees ?

Thoughts ideas solutions ?

(Oh, and No, I don't wnat to pay for handmade crimped and bonded new units :lol: )


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my first step would be to take them to a hydraulics specialist/tractor dealer (someone who deals with making the high pressure hoses), obvioulsy Pirtek will be out as they are hopeless if you ask any form of question, and seek their advice.

alternatively, what about using air line style BSP connectors? use the ones with the barbed tail/female fitting in the rubber hose, and the corresponding male ends fitted and crimped into the metal pipe?

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I might have a couple of oil hoses with fittings in place.

They are unused from when my 2.8tgv was fitted. The tgv has an internal oil cooling circuit, with a remote oil filter.

Or what about the oil pipes from a 300tdi, the ones that go to the radiator oil cooler from the engine.


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The "flange" you refer to Nige is technically called a swage, ficko, but your Sarf of Watford,

What I did is to use push fit Dash 10 braided hose, jubilee clipped on because its only 60psi or so and not the 2000psi that hydraulic hose people are used to, that is wire reinforced etc and is a pig to to fit and shape and keep there.

Most motorsport people sell -10 or similar, but it ain't cheap, they should also supply all the 90/45/60* bends and straights etc, Demon Tweaks should stock and will happly relieve you of your beer vouchers, also check your cooler for thread size BSP, BSP tapered, metric etc. There are cheaper than Demon Tweaks if you mooch about.

But remember a poor sh**e job/pipe and a couple of thousand revolutions on the tarmac and it bursts and its tits up for the old V8 pal, so make it good and buy decent, to late when the oils gone and the light suddenly come's on.

I think it cost me about £80 for fittings and about 6 foot of -10 pipe (Dash 10mm pipe)

Hope that helps Pal

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Hey Titus

Whats lurking inside these FOC oil coolers, waiting to be dislodged by some nice shiney expensive V8 with a bit more oil pressure than the last knacker it was fitted to that was degrading and leaving bits of tappet and other carp all around its oilways, just waiting to move into your much loved shiney Rocketship V8, be very carefull of using old oilcoolers they may not be the bargain you thought they were.

If your short of pennies I could send you my old sump oil if yours needs changing for newer, if you pay the postage, get my drift, sorry for being sarky but wouldn't want you to destroy a nice motor matey.

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Thoughts ideas solutions ?

Flush out the coolers well.....

Then tell me what thread / fittings they have

Tell me how you want to fasten into what engine..

Then decide whether you want to spend £20 per hose or anything upto £150 per hose depending on materials and hose type...

Then give me your credit card number and wait for the parcel to turn up...

Easy :lol::lol::lol:

Seriously do not p*ss about with bits of crappy hose ( remember most hydraulic hose is only rated to 100' which is not enough and will soon work garden and crack if used on an engibe rthat is trying hard... ) and when you can havbe a proper swaged on fitting for as little as £2-3 don't p*ss about with wormdrive clips...

One split hose or loose clip will knacker your whole engine pretty quickly for the sake of a fiver!!!

I do oil cooler hoses every week for race / rally etc. and ask the ones who are spending a lot of money on the right hoses and you get the same answer every time " £5k of engine or £100 on 2 hoses??"

Don't fall into the 4x4 trap of bodging it for £9 when £10 would have done a proper job!!!!


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As i'm about to have to replace my leaky oil cooler hoses on 300tdi Disco, does anyone know the thread sizes for the connections? Ive seen reference to 3/8 BSP female on the oil cooler end, is this correct, and what about the engine end of the arrangement.

Incidentally my auto box cooler hoses are oozing too - any details on these muchly appreciated!


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