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Nuts and Bolts


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My local supplier charges £8.50 per KG no matter what the size of nuts and bolts.

I have come away a couple of times thinking its a bit steep for what I have recieved.

Is it dear or am i getting old and can remember 50 times M8 x 100 for tuppence hapenny....... :D


G :)

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Screwfix can be conveinient and relatively cheap. Quality can be dubious.

Nails I can buy at 1/3 of the price of Screwfix from local builders merchants. Screws I can buy at one box level for a fraction more then screwfix BUT quality is far superior. The small increase in price is well worth the increase in quality, i.e. ease of driving them in and less breakages. If I want a few thousand screws my local hardware shop is cheaper.

Get on good terms your local trade suppliers can pay dividends.



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a place i go charges 4p per nyloc nut and 2p for a 8.8 bolts plus can get boxes of 1000 at discounted prices

also a mate of mine gets me a f...in big bag of bolts from the scrappers that big companies weight in get a bag from 10kg - 15kg for a tenner all 8.8 M8's

before i found these i was being charged a fortune for them

the place i found (cant rememeber the name of tho) did even think of selling the bolts as its a hydraulic/engineers place so maybe a quick look/ask around local ones you maybe able get a decent deal


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