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Accelerator Cable Plastic Nut


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Took my hybrid to the MOT station this morning for part 1 of the tests required to classify and make legal as a diesel.

While on the highway the landy had/has no issues with keeping up to traffic or holding steady at my preferred speed of about 90 - 95 kph. Had lots of pedal left to the floor, but as time went by I was pushing the pedal closer to the floor, eventually having no pedal left and the landy was losing speed. WTF :angry: is all I could think, so I decided to pull over to investigate the problem. It turns out that the plastic nut on the accelerator cable is unwinding itself. :o

To the MOT station I stopped just the once but on the way home, I stopped 2 more times to re adjust the nut. The trip was only 33km one way, so any long trips this would get rather annoying very quickly. <_<

Anybody else have this issue before and have any suggestions how I can keep the nut in one place without damaging the cable within the sleeve?




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This may sound stupid, but isn't there a clip that should be pressed on at the end to keep it in one location??

Obviously I'll bodge something together but weird all the same.


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No they normally stay in place because the friction of the nut is sufficient to stop it unwinding.

Another option would be to take it off and bind a couple of turns of insulating tape tightly around the cable outer where the nut sits, then wind the nut back on to it, to increase said friction and stop it from turning.

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