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Jumping out of drive


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My series 3 jumps out of drive when I take my foot off the accelerator. I then have to stop, push the red lever forward and start again. Temporary remedy is a bungee. Is this problem terminal and if not can a novice remedy the fault?

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First make sure that the red knobbed lever isn't dragging on the floor panel, causing the lever to pulled into neutral when the transmission moves about on its mountings. Then check to see if the transfercase output shaft is loose on its bearings by grabbing hold of the handbrake drum ( with brake released and wheels chocked) to see if you can wobble it about. There should be a few shims of varying thickness behind the speedo housing that you delete as required for adjusting the bearings. If that doesn't work drop the bottom cover plate from the transfer box, pull the red knobbed lever back into low range and have a look at the dog clutch teeth on the high range gear( front gear) looking for tapered wear on the teeth.If its badly worn a new high gear and low range sliding gear will be required. If it's ok push the lever back into high range to see if the slider gear is moving forward far enough to fully engage with the dog clutch teeth on the high range gear. If it isn't there is a pinch bolt on the selector fork (accessed at the top after removing a rectangular cover plate) that can be loosened to allow the fork to be moved a little further forward on the selector shaft to get full engagement.


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Many thanks. The pinch bolt was loose and after selecting high (forward) I held the fork forwards and tightened the bolt. Not only has it solved the jumping out of gear but the gearbox seems smoother and the slight clunking when taking up drive has disappeared. It's a new vehicle. Once again many thanks :D

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