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TD5 Defender Transfer gearing

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Does anyone have experience of the pros and cons of fitting 1.222 ratio disco transfer gears in place of the 1.410 ratio gears into a defender TD5 (2004) transfer box. The vehicle has already had a stage 1 retune to lift the power to 170bhp. Specifically I'm interested in acceleration from start when pulling loads up to 2 tons and overall crusing power when both towing and not towing.


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Hi Chris,

Simply put, changing from a 1.4 to a 1.2:1 transfer box will adversely affect your acceleration from standstill, it is only a real benefit for motorway cruising etc without a trailer.


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if you don't do towing, sure, you are better off with a 1.222. i've done this conversion on mine. more relax crusing on the highway.

2 tonne trailer?! not going to work well.

Ditto above, when I had my TD5 from standard gearing I brought another 110 on a trailer back from Spain, pulling off from standstill was never a problem.

Had the Disco transfer box gearing and without a trailer results were fantastic.

I have Td5 Alive stage one (tune) and this helped, but have now fitted their intercooler and turbo boost (not tried it yet as rebuilding front axle so its not drivable, but a 3.5 tonne trailer needed much more revs and gentle clutch. I know you can start off ini low, but my transfer selector gearchange is a little rusty and Id probably end up at a standstill again while going from low to high...

As I only tow less than ten percent of the time its worth it.

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