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Spring assist on 110

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Post Ladoga support, I need to replace shocks and springs on my 110 hard top. I was going through Microcat yesterday, and with the HD springs for the rear it shows spring assisters for the 110 and 130 models. However, it does not say if they are an option of if they should actually be fitted - mine doesn't have them. My 110 does have a tendency to roll more than others even under minimal load due to the absence of anti-roll bars. Is it a good idea to fit assisters?

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My 1989 110 had the factory HD suspension option, but no helper springs. It was an SV electricity board 110 with front PTO winch. I think the helper springs were an extra option on top of the HD suspension option, but may be wrong. Is your truck plated to 3050Kg or 3500Kg? My VIN has 3500Kg, hence the HD suspension. according the the parts catalogue a 130 with the 3500Kg options should have the helper springs, but my 110 didn't [as far as I know, the helper mounts share the standard cup mounting holes].

My 110 has all the mounting points for anti-roll bars available, but none fitted. It's simple enough to add 'em obviously.

I think HD 110: HD axle, spring and damper options - HD 130: HD axle, spring, damper and helper options.

Why my 110 is plated to 3500Kg I dunno for sure, maybe it was a Special Vehicles thing.

This is all very confusing :huh: I hope an adult comes along soon to sort it out :lol:

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Helper springs are alright for a little extra weight, but if you're going for a lot of extra weight, or varied heavy load weights then best off fitting air bag helpers. I forget who makes them, but they fit inside the main springs and are very good - enough to support a 90 on a crane on the back of a 130 and drive quite happily across the sand pit that is hogmoor.

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I think mine's plated 3500kg as it tested as Class 7, but I think it was uprated to HD springs by the previous (or one before that) owner. I currently have an ARB bumper on the front (no winch at the moment) and probably a few kgs of carp permanently carried in or on the vehicle (expedition roofrack, MSS drawer full of stuff, false floor made of wood, and box of tools/spares etc). In the future I may add a rooftent, on board air, and on board water. Should I just stick with HD springs or go for some assistance?

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