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Faulting a V8 with the tech help ???


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A mate of mine recently re-planted a 3.9EFi into his hybrid and has had nothing but problems getting it to run right or even run well enough to get it out of the workshop.

Couple of phone calls later your's trully ends up on the job, payback for lots of help in the past.

A night of checking why it wouldn't rev etc ending up in dizzy out, dizzy moved, dizzy swapped, ages spend doing diagnostics from memory etc and setting timing, checking plugs, leads, coil, spraying around for leaks, pipes and breathers wrong or split, fuel pressure, etc, etc, but still no better.

Then on the way home when I had a bit more thinking time, I thought the one thing I haven't checked is that the injectors are in circuit and working, so another night on the cards.

Second visit with decent meter and leads, following forum downloaded diagnostic sheets, success, testing on resistance left hand injector rail from ecu multiplug, then removing injector plugs one by one revealed that an injector was not in circuit, after pulling back the shroud it was easy to see that a crimp was not seated and was pushed back into plug.

Onto right hand circuit of injectors, and hello hit and miss this side and we find a broken wire to all four injectiors, a quick repair later and a last one by one check again revealled exactly the same problem as the other side, a loose crimp.

So to sum up, left rail one was missing constantly, right rail one was missing constantly but all were missing intermittantly.

How long would it have taken without the meter and the guide, if at all, and would we have ended up changing the loom and the ECU for no real reason ???

Result a very sweet 3.9EFi and it took about 20 minutes to get it bang on with the minimum of effort with the guide.

Easy peasy well done tech archieve.

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