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dipped but no main beam..

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hi all,

i hope this will be the last "help" post about my lights...

Following on from advice on here i bought a set of wipac headlights and plastic bowls.

Reconnected the 3 wires nothing. Called out my big brother with a better tester and we got the dipped beam to work but no main beam.

There is power on all the fuses. Earth is the same earth that was used with the sealed beam unit and to the best of my knowledge nothing else has been changed.

When you put on the main beam the blue warning light on the dash works. Looking at the wiring diagram for a v8 there is no relay.

I also tried a second earth from the standard front internal earth bolt like it did for the new NAS light again but nothing.

We are both stumped. As i only got the car at the start of the year and to be honest i assumed that they were working then but i cannot be sure.

Also the rear fog keeps blowing a fuse but only when you try to turn it on. Not sure if the two are connected - i suspect a faulty earth.

all i have to do is to get there two headlights working and the external re-build is done and i can go get the new paint dirty...

anyone got an ideas? I've got a few spare hours tommorrow night as my brother is coming round after work so if anyone can offer any pointers to check before we start pulling too much about that would be great.

thanks again


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for the fog light check the bulb holder on the contacts for the bulb, as for the main beam try connecting a test lamp to the main beam wire to see if that lights up so you can eliminate the cable to headlights for short circuit and high resistance, does the dipped filament go out when main beam is selected?



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Hi Jon,

thanks for the reply.

got the nearside to work fine by rewiring my connections even thought i could see nothing wrong with any of the crimps - so i know that basically my wiring is ok. Still no main beam on the offside. swapped the headlights over and tried that but nothing..

I have not checked the fog yet.

Worse case could i run a feed from the nearside main over to the offside main?


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Is there one fuse for main beam or two?

If theres two then you'll risk overloading the wires by connecting it to the other side.

You need to trace the wiring/circuit diagram and see where the power is dissapearing.

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i think there is one fuse per side so basically yes i risk overloading one fuse.

there is power at fuses but at the end of the plug which connects to the lamp there is nothing...

i really wanted to avoid having to run through all the loom but if i need to then i will.

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