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Leaking Sun Roof


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Greetings all

1998 Disco 300tdi with the standard 2 sun roofs. Both are leaking in the vehicle when parked in heavy rain. In the instance of the rear one it is wetting the headliner and dripping to the boot area. In the front it is running down the drivers pillar and wetting the floor. I have tried cleaning the rubbers and even re-seated it in the front one. It doesn’t appear to have made any difference. I am wondering if this is a common problem and if so what the remedy might be. Are there drain holes anywhere that might need to be cleaned?



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After cleaning the glass seal a dab of Vaseline on the edge where it touches the glass works. You may have water getting past the vehicle roof to sunroof seal, if so put some sealent around the outer frame of the sunroof.

Theres lots of info on this subject in forums and on the www so do a search.

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although mine is a td5 - the sunroofs are actually the same.

have had simillar issues with mine, both leaking horribly. With the sunroof open you will see a gutter going around the bottom of the frame. on the front corners of the sunroof frame are stupid plastic 'cups' with a drain pipe running from them. The sunroofs arent supposed to be sealed (STUPID) and water leaks into the gutter/frame and drains into the cups and down the pipes.

What usually happens is moss or debris blocks the pipes and causes the water to collect until it gets deep enough to overflow onto the headlining, or the pipes fall off the cups, or the black crappy mastic sealing the plastic cups to the metal frame perish and leak.

I did a write up and posted them on my website with a how to. Again, although its a td5 disco, principles are the same. Took me about 4 hours to remove all the trim, all the headlining and fix the sunroofs and refit everything. its actaully very straight forward.

clicky here

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I've had that happen on a couple of vehicles and it's been blocked or detached drain tubes. It would be very difficult to perfectly seal an internally sliding sunroof so it is quite normal to rely on drain tubes - it's not just a Land Rover thing.

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