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Circlip holding half shaft

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:o:huh::o I heard clonks and donks and stripped the wheel to see what it was. The Circlip had lost grip. What could have been the worse case? Could the half shaft had popped out if cclip is not in place?? Scarrrrry - Man I shivered! :o ( hope Les doesn't throw a "shame on you " this time.. B) . We all do these simple mistakes :P ?)




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If the circlip is missing, then the driveshaft will float forwards and backwards. This puts the centre line of the cv out of line with the swivel pins, so potentially a lot of force - particularly when cornering. Just put the circlip back on. There may supposed to be 2-shims as well, but I think that's for the back wheels.


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i have 2 shims on both front shafts under the circlips.

300tdi 1995 if that makes any difference.

Although last time i took the hubs to bits to change the bearings i noticed one side had thicker shims than the other - maybe there is a measurement of float and shims are sized to suit? Dunno.

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I was under the impression you were supposed to shim the front as required, I have always just put the same shims that came off back on, mine has different thicknesses each side aswell,


Yep, the parts book shows "as required". New shims are surprisingly un-cheap :o

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