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300tdi wiring

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I'm currently rebuilding my 90. I need to sort out the wiring as it started life as an ex military 2.5 nad, then it had a v8 and now it has a 300 tdi. All the looms have been chopped about so much over the years that i have decided to replace them all.

I have purchased new 300tdi chassis and engine looms from autosparks. I decided not to buy a bulkhead loom as it was around £250, but i managed to find a 300tdi loom on ebay for £15. On first inspection it looks good, but i am concerned that it may of come from a later vehicle with immobiliser. If this was the case how would i go about removing this?.

Also i have a group of 4 brown wires on the engine side of the bulkhead, 3 are about 4mm and one about 2mm. One of the 4mm wires has a red band around it. All of these have had the connector removed. Am I right in thinking these wires go to the starter motor and should have ring terminals on? if so which terminals on the starter do they go to?

Thanks Jason

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just leave the unwanted wires disconnected & tape them up safely to the rest of the loom with each connecter suitable isolated.

get a 300Tdi wiring diagram too & you can identify each wire from it's colour code.

^^^ Agreed, easier to leave the unwanted/unused wires in place and blanked off. It could be a right ballache to try and remove all the unwanted systems, just look at the wiring diagram in this thread:

300tdi wiring manual thread

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Thanks for the replies. I think i have managed to figure it all out now. Just received the looms from autosparks, they have sent me a 300tdi engine loom but an early chassis loom with the wrong connectors on :angry: I waited 3 weeks for them too. So looks like more delays in the build. Oh well not as bad as the 7 weeks and still counting, that i have been waiting for my chassis to turn up.

Thanks Jason

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